The purpose of is to allow the church or organization to engage a highly skilled advisor working with the church or organization in dealing with intra-church disputes, denominational issues, human resource matters, administrative issues, and other matters of concern for the church or organization.

For the last ten years, Dr. William P. Bennett, the President of, has served as General Counsel or Legal Counsel to a number of significant church, para-church and other Christian non-profit organizations, including Campus Crusade for Christ, the Crystal Cathedral, Churches Uniting in Global Mission (CUGM), Simon Greenleaf/Trinity University and the Reformed Church in America - Classis of California.

In Dispute Resolution, Dr. Bennett has had 25 years of training and service to the American Arbitration Association, the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, the Christian Arbitration and Mediation Association, and currently, with the Peacemakers Ministry/Institute for Christian Conciliation.

Dr. Bennett has the appropriate academic credentials for his consulting position, holding both Juris Doctorate and Doctor of Ministry degrees.

Available to assist you and your organization in any legal, non-profit, administrative, contractual issue or any Church Conflict or Dispute Resolution matter, call Dr. Bennett at (714) 658-2519 to discuss your needs and to set up a time for him to meet with you. Or, send an email to

As a consultant/mediator to the church or organization, Dr. Bennett is paid on an hourly fee.

P.O. Box 2817
Orange, CA 92859

(714) 658-2519

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